Rio de Janeiro (Brazil):

Our comrade Marielle Franco murdered

by Inprecor, International Viewpoint, PSOL

2018 03 18 01 Marielle FrancoActivist of the LGTB movement, the World March of Women, City Councilor of the Party Socialism and Liberty (PSOL) in Rio de Janeiro and in charge of the commission of inquiry into the violence perpetrated by the army and the police against young people Afro-descendants in Rio, Marielle Franco was murdered the night of March 14, 2018. [1]

She was 38 years old and, according to political scientist Maurício Santoro, she “embodies a hope of renewal, at a time when most political leaders in Rio are in prison or about to be,” for corruption.

On Saturday, March 10, she relayed on her Twitter account accusations of the inhabitants of the favela of Acari against the 41st police battalion, one of the most brutal of Rio. “This week, two young people were killed and thrown into a pit. Today, the police threatened the inhabitants. It has always happened but it got worse with the intervention.”Marielle Franco was investigating assassinations apparently committed by police who wanted to eliminate people who knew too much about their actions," said Liberation Zeca Borges, coordinator of Rio’s Disque-Denúncia, a service that allows people to denounce acts of violence anonymously. [2]

She was returning from a public meeting of black women “making things happen”. The car she was traveling in was riddled with bullets by killers. She and the driver were murdered.

2018 03 18 02 Marielle Franco

Popular tribute to Marielle Franco in Rio de Janeiro, after her assassination. [3]

This is obviously a summary execution of the style practiced by death squads: the only question that arises is who is the sponsor.

That is why, in many cities of Brazil as well as in other countries gatherings are organized to demand that all the light is made on this summary execution of an activist who did not stop fighting the militarization of the city of Rio imposed by the putschist government of Michel Temer. “Those who believe that we can silence the voices that defend the poor and the victims of injustice,” said Ivan Valente, PSOL MP.

One of Marielle Franco’s articles, which retraces the struggle since 1975 for the social rights of black women, was recently published by Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil. [4]

Which reminds us that their “democracy” does not recoil, even from murder.

International Viewpoint, Imprecor , Friday 16 March 2018


City councilor of the PSOL,

murdered in Rio de Janeiro

Marielle Franco, member of PSol, elected councillor in Rio de Janeiro with the fifth highest votes in 2016 was an outspoken fighter for justice and against police violence. Franco and her driver were shot dead on 14 March in a drive-by killing.

The PSol issued this statement.

The Socialism and Liberty Party (PSol) publicly expresses its regret at the murder of our Rio de Janeiro councilwoman Marielle Franco, and of Anderson Pedro Gomes, the driver who accompanied her.

We stand by the family, friends, advisors and party leaders of PSOL/RJ in this moment of pain and indignation. Marielle’s performance as a councilor and human rights activist made the party’s militants very proud and will be honored in the continuity of her struggle.

We cannot rule out the hypothesis of a political crime, that is, an execution. Marielle had just denounced the Military Police’s brutal and truculent action in the Irajá region of the Acari community. In addition, the characteristics of the crime, with a car coming alongisde Marielle’s vehicle, and someone firing many shots and fleeing, strengthen that possibility. Therefore, we demand immediate and rigorous investigation of this heinous crime. We will not be silenced!

Marielle, presente! Hoje e sempre!

Socialism and Freedom Party

March 14, 2018



[1] Our comrade Marielle was a member of Insurgencia, an organization of the Fourth International in Brazil.

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